How to Find the Best Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser for You​

How to Find the Best Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser for You​

An aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is an electrical device that spreads a pure essential oil. It helps you enjoy the aroma and benefit from the medicinal value of aromatherapy essential oils. It evenly distributes the fragrance of aromatherapy oils throughout your environment for calming your body and senses. Best essential oil brands create a very inviting fragrance and are safe—as long as they are being used properly in the best aromatherapy diffuser.

Today, a wide range of essential oil diffusers with different diffusion technologies and special feature are available on the market. Each type of diffuser has its own characteristics and diffusion methods. All these diffusers with different diffusion techniques have the same objective but the way to do it differs.

Nebulization: The nebulizing diffusers diffuse only essential oils. Two nozzles will blow essential oils and air at highspeed to spread fine droplets.

Misting (Humidifier): Misting diffusers mix essential oils with water. Vibration of electronic frequencies turn the water into a fine cold mist. However, the diffusion is less effective because the essential oils are mixed with water.

Heat: Heat diffusers generally break down volatile compounds of natural essential oils using heat to release their aroma.

Ventilation: Ventilation diffusers tear the molecules of essential oils using a cold air flow. Extremely fine particles are produced but they do not last long in the atmosphere.

To find a best diffuser, do not fixate on the cost. Following are some of the features of a good diffuser for your consideration.

Coverage area
You can choose from different coverage area or volume which the diffuser can diffuse.

Operation time
Diffusers are also available in varying operation times. You can save the precious essential oils with a diffuser which operation time can be controlled.

The size of your diffuser is an important feature to consider for mobility or portability. Reservoir size and weightThe higher the capacity of your diffuser’s reservoir, the greater the oil and water mixture it can hold. The greater the reservoir size also means a bulkier diffuser. However, bulkier diffusers with greater oil reservoir capacities reduce the need of frequent refilling.

Vapor output
A good diffuser can control the fragrance by changing the dilution or concentration of oil in water. The greater the vapor output, the stronger your oil’s fragrance.

Noise level
Bulky diffusers with large fans can be noisy. Choose one with noise output no more than 23 decibels for the peacefulness.


Accessories for diffusers can vary from glass covers, remote control, power adaptors, LED lights in multiple colors, playback music, timed shut off, refill cartridges, atomizer tops etc.

Cleaning time
Mixtures in the reservoir can left standing to develop bacteria and mold. Therefore, it is very important to clean the diffuser, choose a small easy-to-clean unit that won’t take too much of your time.

To use a diffuser, plug in the device, fill the tank with water if it needed and add 10-15 drops of oil. Set the timer, hit the power button, and enjoy!



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